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libby m iriks

Libby M Iriks wants to live in a world where an eighth day of the week is dedicated solely to reading, where cheesecake is good for you, and where romance novels are everyone’s un-guilty pleasure.

As a writer of contemporary romance, she sets her stories in small Australian towns where the chemistry sizzles and love is forever. Her short story, Add a Little Spice, was a placegetter in the Romance Writers of Australia’s Sweet Treats Short Story competition and was published in the Sweet Treats Anthology in August 2020.

When she’s not writing stories about people falling in love, she’s editing them! She offers freelance editing services at Perfect Pear Editing and Proofreading. But if she’s not in her office, you can find her trying to keep her small collection of house plants alive, or wrangling her husband and their two strong, independent young daughters.

Her debut novella, The Game of Love, is available now!


  • 2020 | The Game of Love | Perfect Pear Press
  • 2020 | Invisible Thread | Perfect Pear Press
  • 2020 | Beautiful Bravery | Perfect Pear Press
  • 2020 | Sweet Treats Anthology: ‘Add a Little Spice’ |Romance Writers of Australia
  • 2019 | His Luminous Gemstone | Perfect Pear Press

Libby also published the following works under the pseudonym, Monique Hall:

  • 2016 | Little Gems Short Story Anthology: ‘Breaking Free’ | Romance Writers of Australia
  • 2016 | Writing the Dream Anthology: ‘Ultimate Dreaming’ | Serenity Press
  • 2016 | A Healing Hand| Serenity Press
  • 2015 | Rocky Romance Anthology: ‘A Healing Hand’ | Serenity Press


  • 2020 | Romance Writers of Australia | Sweet Treats placegetter: ‘Add a Little Spice
  • 2019 | Romance Writers of Australia | Ripping Start finalist: ‘Where Destiny Lies’ —Read her entry here
  • 2016 | Romance Writers of Australia | Little Gems placegetter: ‘Breaking Free’

Random facts

Some interesting facts about Libby:

  1. She is a former teacher and school librarian.
  2. She has 64 first cousins … don’t even get her started on second cousins!
  3. She believes in the afterlife and, thanks to a gifted medium, has received messages from family members who have passed.

Family means everything to Libby! Her husband makes the World’s Best Banana Smoothie and is perhaps the funniest and most generous person on the planet. Her oldest daughter sings and plays the ukelele like a boss and was identifying errors in punctuation before she could talk,* while her youngest daughter prefers cartwheeling to walking and excels at every sport she tries.**

*Slight exaggeration. **Does NOT take after Libby in this regard.