Works in Progress

Libby is currently working on her Love in Paradise series set in Airlie Beach, Queensland, Australia. Libby is currently writing the first draft of Something Beautiful, the introductory novella to the series that will be made available for FREE to subscribers of her newsletter in the months leading up to the release of the series. If you’d like to subscribe and keep up-to-date with Libby’s writing progress and her journey to publication, SUBSCRIBE NOW and receive two FREE downloadable ebooks!

The one that started it all, By Any Other Name, will be book two in the series and Libby is working on its second draft. She had intended for this book to be a standalone title, but the supporting characters are demanding to have their stories told. And so, there will end up being three books in the series, though each can be read as a standalone.

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First draft stage!

Life’s beautiful things are worth fighting for …

Playing in a punk rock band is all Eden Flinn has ever wanted to do. But for a classical violinist with a father intent on keeping up appearances, it’s easier said than done. She enlists a favour from Toby Wilson—local barman and the guy she’s loved since forever. Toby agrees to help, but Eden is left reeling when he tells her he wants her sister … and Eden’s help to land him a date.

It doesn’t take long for Toby to realise he’s had his eye on the wrong sister. Eden has him captivated, though it soon becomes clear what people think—the son of the town drunk isn’t good enough for a girl like Eden. Deep down, he knows it too, but Eden’s impossible to resist, especially when life looks so much brighter when she’s around.

So when the cold hard reality of the world he inhabits comes crashing down, Toby must decide what he fears most—facing others’ low expectations of him … or living a life without Eden. 

Coming in 2020!

Planning stage!

More info coming soon.

Second draft stage!

Can broken dreams lead to love?

‘She’s out there waiting for you, Matteo, a goddess created just for you. When you find her, you’ll know.’

Matteo Fiorentino knows how to charm beautiful women, so when he arrives in Airlie Beach with plans to expand his business, he’s confident he’ll have no trouble getting insider information from his rival. But when he realises the gorgeous mechanic is the woman his father always prophesied about, Matteo knows he has a choice to make—attempt to take over her business as planned … or try to win her heart.

With the garage she dreams of owning heading towards financial ruin, Vee Thompson doesn’t have time for the arrogant, self-important, undeniably gorgeous new guy in town, except his sexy Italian accent and ability to make her laugh are impossible to resist. Before long, she’s falling head over heels, so when she discovers Matteo poses a threat to her life’s dream, she knows she stands to lose more than just the garage—he’s stolen her heart and she may never get it back.

Coming in 2020!

Planning stage!

More info coming soon.