A gift just for you!

I’m so grateful to have you here! As a thank you for visiting my website, I’d like to gift you a FREE short story. Download the ebook onto your favourite reading device and enjoy! ❤️

Invisible Thread

Seraphina, crippled with anxiety, seeks refuge from the world in a quiet city garden. But when a man and his two children appear, her peaceful solitude is interrupted. Sera must dig deep to fulfil a request that’s impossible to refuse, and after a shared magical moment binds her to the strangers, she must summon every ounce of courage she possesses to avoid losing the one thing she’s always craved — human connection.

Gorgeous short story. Really got me in the feels. Thank you.

Sara Hartland

You write emotion beautifully. A gorgeous short story. Thank you so much, Libby.

Davina Stone