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libby m iriks

Her pain holds her captive. Can she ever break free?

Rachael arrives in California for her best friend’s wedding, struggling to leave the pain from her past behind. What she doesn’t count on is meeting a man who challenges her to open her heart once more. But will he manage to help her break free from the shackles that hold her? Breaking Free was a placegetter in the Romance Writers of Australia 2016 Little Gems short story competition and was originally published in the Sunstone: Little Gems 2016 RWA Short Story Anthology.

libby m iriks

He’s achieved success in all areas of his life … except one.

Nathaniel Kamber knows how to succeed. At the annual charity ball for the Swan River Hospital Foundation, he announces the achievement of his single greatest career ambition. Now all he dreams of is convincing his best friend, Lucy, that they belong together—except she’s running scared. Can his mother’s talisman keep him focused on his heart’s desire, and will he have enough courage to make his dreams come true? Find out in this short story, His Luminous Gemstone.

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  • Ian Lipke

    I have to hand it to you, Libby. This story has it all. I refer to His Luminous Gemstone, of course. It has a powerful plot, an interesting male lead, a strong female who comes across as sexy but by no means empty-headed. The settings are fabulous. Other characters, such as the would-be fiance are deftly written, not so developed as to take away from the main male lead. Superbly written. I rarely get excited by the potential of Romance writers but I am about your future as a writer. I’m pleased to see that you’ve developed past this level. I sound like a pompous old git, but I’m hugely pleased for you and I can wear the appellation.

    I have a secondary website at that might interest somebody who reads this commentary.


    • Libby M Iriks

      Wow! I’m at a loss for words. Fancy that! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing my work, Ian, and for giving me the boost I needed to stay motivated. I don’t think you sound like a “pompous old git” at all; you sound like an intelligent man who knows good writing when he sees it. 😉 I hope you get the chance to review my work again someday. Best wishes!

  • Chris

    Hi Libby I enjoyed reading your story His Luminous Gemstone. your friend Ian has covered every aspect of a critique. Well done
    Cheers Chris

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