The Game of Love

He was once the bane of her existence. Now shes counting on him to keep her sane.

Alyssa Martin is facing a future of medical treatment and uncertainty. So when she returns to her hometown after ten years away, she’s seeking a distraction from her grim reality. Fate sends her Dean, a fun-loving and carefree guy from her past. Determined to enjoy life while she can, Alyssa recruits his help in rediscovering all their beachside community has to offer.

Dean Daniels plays by his own rules. Unattached and self-employed, he answers to no one—and that’s just how he likes it. So, when he crosses paths with Alyssa, he sees it as nothing more than an opportunity to get the serious and uptight girl he once knew to let loose. But it’s not long before they’re both playing a new game, only neither of them knows the rules. And when secrets and deception come to light, they must each decide just what the other means to them. What will it take for them to realise that, in the game of love, honesty and forgiveness are two of the most important rules?

The Game of Love is a standalone contemporary romance novella. If you like romance involving her best friend’s brother, stunning beachside locations, and stories that tug on the heartstrings, then you’ll love this emotion-packed novella introducing you to the writing of Libby M Iriks.